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My name is Daniel (17yrs) and I'm a photographer. At this point, I'm just an amateur photographer trying to improve my skills and my portfolio. I've been photographing since end 2009 and since then I've improved a whole lot. I started out with a simple compact camera, but mid 2010 I stepped up to a DSLR. I used to do a lot of car photography, but I sort of rolled out of that, because I found it got a little boring. So I'm trying to focus more on portrait, (individual) sports and maybe some lifestyle now.


For the future, the most important thing is that I want to spend much more time taking photos. Especially portraiture and sports, therefore I'll have to contact models and athletes and I'll have to work on that. Hopefully, one day people will ask me for photoshoots (if you want to, check below), but I know that doesn't go by itself, I'll have to do the work.


Daniel Kappelle
+31 6 48 19 34 65

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